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zg Registration, Approval & Licensing Consultants works with Ozg Regulatory Affairs Consultants in developing countries to speed-up the for-profit and non-profit projects. Ozg deals assignment related to -
  1. >>> All kinds of business related registrations / licensing.
  2. >>> Liaison with government departments and organizations
  3. >>> Maintaining complete details on current regulatory practices.
  4. >>> Helping Ozg Documentation team to prepare and review the project reports
  5. >>> Approval of necessary legal licenses, permissions and deal with all kinds of clearance issues


Ozg offers consulting & solution to the medium and large size businesses, NGOs and institutions in developing world by arranging interactions with Ozgian (members of Ozg, those are either industry practitioners or experienced professionals). Ozgian comes from different areas of specialization and are well known for their work in their place. Find more about them at www.ozgian.com



Ozg collaborates with numerous other firms to provide complete business solution in 129 countries worldwide.



Client interactions with Ozgian include online video consultations, in-person meetings, reports and presentations.



Ozg works by the principle of Project Management and for each project it gathers a highly qualified team of experts.